Obama’s Electric Car Money Grab

The president Obama can avoid Congress by using fines on private companies like Volkswagen to fund his pet projects.
A federal judge last week approved a $14.7 billion settlement to partially resolve the legal fallout over Volkswagen’s installation of “defeat devices” designed to cheat air quality rules in more than 500,000 vehicles sold in the U.S.
(The Wall Street Journal)

Twice as many electric cars charging stations to open in a year  in New Zealand

car charger

Two of New Zealand's biggest power companies have teamed up to double the number of electric car charging stations.
It's hope the initiative will boost uptake of electric vehicles
"We know from our experience as EV drivers that you only want to know one thing - where is a charger if you need one?" says Mercury Energy chief executive Fraser Whineray.
To help electrical cars along, Mercury and Contact have joined forces with North American company PlugShare to launch the Electric Highway network.
PlugShare is an app which tells electrical cars drivers where they can find electric charging stations - no matter who owns it.
There are already websites that tell drivers where charging stations are, but they only show their own stations.
"The Electric Highway is a universal and inclusive solution that brings everything together in one place, a free app that's the single source of the truth," says Mr Whineray.
"We already have more than 500 charging points registered in New Zealand and growing."
Other organisations building charging stations can add theirs to the Electric Highway via the website.

Henrik Fisker teases more images of Emotion luxury electric vehicle

 fisker karma ev

Is Henrik Fisker's new electric car ready for its close-up?
Fisker, whose new company is working on a model called the EMotion, has done away with his back-lit teaser photos, and has posted a couple clear images highlighting the electric vehicle's lines and features.

Mr. Fisker's tweets reveal a side view of a model that appears to be a less-swoopy version of the Karma, the extended-range plug-in that was produced by his former company.  

Nissan e-Power will use gas to charge the battery, not turn the wheels

Its new e-Power drive train is a hybrid system 

Nissan e-Power

Nissan revealed a new drivetrain, combining a gasoline engine with an electric propulsion system.
Although hybrid drivetrains are now common among automakers, the new Nissan system, called e-Power, only uses the gasoline engine to charge the battery pack, not to drive the wheels.